Preparing to Study Abroad

Here we’ll help you prepare for a period of study abroad, with examples relating to studies in hospitality, leisure, sport, tourism, events and business management. We’ll assume that you’re reading this because you’ve decided that study abroad is right for you and you’ve chosen where you intend to study. If not, see the section on ‘Choosing a Study Abroad Experience’.

Useful further resources to support your search include the European Commission’s study abroad site which offers advice as to how to choose where to study in Europe.

If you’re a sports student it’s worth taking a look at the EN3S page, which explains the role of this network of universities but also sets out 6 steps to planning a learning mobility. There are links to the member institutions which you’ll find as diverse examples of what’s on offer to study abroad in sport, and the kind of advice they offer.

One point that’s worth repeating here is that the more effort you put in to developing your language skills, the more options become available to you and the more you’ll get out of your mobility. So don’t stick to English even though this site is written in it!

Many universities of course, and quite rightly, teach international students in the language of their domestic students. Increasingly those in mainland Europe offer more than one language option, while some focus on English for international students. Each approach has its merits for increased opportunity to experience their culture and language. It means that the more flexible you are, the greater the potential but generally there are opportunities for all if you are truly mobile and open-minded.

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