Students & Young Professionals

If you’re currently a student or recent graduate in hospitality, leisure, sport, tourism or events, start here to find out how International Eyes can help you internationalise your future.

Looking for tips on how to choose the right university in your quest for internationalisation? You’ll find them right here along with some tips on finding a study abroad experience. Internationalising yourself and your experience is invaluable for you taking control of your future in the experience industries.

You’re looking for an internship or work placement in hospitality or a leisure-related area? Then watch this space to find out things to consider. Once you’ve secured a work or study abroad opportunity, or perhaps while you’re weighing the options, you’ll need to think about how to prepare for an international experience, and we’ll provide guidance on that too.

As the website develops, keep an eye out for new ideas, advice and inspiration, and check out the blog too for some insights on intercultural experiences, language learning and international development.

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