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Below you’ll find your 4 Steps to Success in finding that experience through International Eyes. In essence, my first job is to find out what you’re looking to get from the experience, what you bring to the party, and your longer term goals. Then it’s up to me to seek out ways for you to achieve those international ambitions.

Having said that, I can come in to help at any stage of the process – if you’ve found jobs to apply for but want a critical eye and a degree of support with your application; if you’ve already succeeded in gaining your place abroad, we can talk about how to set you on the path to make the most of the experience.

It’s a partnership approach, where we start with a conversation, gather information from you, consider currently available options and organisations to approach. Based on carefully matching what we’ve discovered so far with the options currently available we’ll come up with a shortlist of existing work experience positions or institutions that should meet your needs. If there’s nothing that matches up so far, we’ll work to find potential organisations that could offer the right experience.

Along the way I support you with cultural and other guidance to help prepare for your new international, intercultural experience and help you find what you need to know for a seamless transition to your new place of work or study.

“In essence, my first job is to find out what you’re looking to get from the experience, and what you bring to the party. Then it’s up to me to seek out ways for you to achieve those international ambitions.”

John Humphreys, International Eyes Founder and ‘Navigator’

4 steps to success

[for fee structure see the box below]

Step 1 – Initial Consultation

Every partnerships starts with a conversation, and in our case this starts with listening to what you have to say. Using questionnaires and face-to-face or virtual meetings, we’ll uncover what your aspirations are for this experience and beyond, what resources, skills and competencies you have and would need to develop. You’ll get advice and feedback to move you forward and confirmation of where and whether International Eyes can help.

At this point no payment is due and you may of course choose not to use our services.

Step 3 – Pre-Placement Support

Once we’ve found places for you to apply for, my role moves primarily to one of support as you prepare your applications if you wish. The Step 3 payment is due once you decide to pursue one or more of the options with the ongoing support of International Eyes.

Whilst I cannot guarantee every application will meet with success in a competitive marketplace, I will work to ensure you receive prompt feedback . If unsuccessful this feedback will be used to ‘raise your game’ for your next application, and will feed forward to your upcoming plans. The aim is to get you placed where you can grow, learn and develop as part of your ongoing education.

Your Pre-Placement support begins upon payment of this Step 3 (Pre Placement) Fee.

Step 2 – Search: Options and Recommendations

Based on the information gathered so far, and updated regularly, I now work on your behalf seeking out experiences that could meet your needs in terms of timing, duration, what you could learn and experience, the international context and of course the actual location(s) where all this would happen.

You’ll be presented with options and recommendations as you move on to the next stage towards finding that international experience. Only then is the Step 2 (Search) fee payable, in return for the options and recommendations provided through International Eyes.

Step 4 – Placement

Once you’ve received an offer of a study place or work experience position, we ask that you make the Step 4 payment to International Eyes.

Once you’ve confirmed your new work or study experience destination, you’ll have questions about the logistics, the place and what to expect when you get there. You may well receive this support from where you’re going, so that’s great. If not, I’ll work to give you access to all the insights and information you need for a smooth transition.

Fee Structure (inclusive of VAT): (prices in other currencies on application)

Step 1 (Initial Consultation) : Free of Charge

Step 2 (Internship Search and Recommendations) £78

Step 3 (Pre-Placement Support) £78 to support up to 5 applications

a further £42 for 6 to 10 applications

Step 4 (Placement Planning)

for up to 4 meetings plus preparatory work £78

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