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InternationalEyes was born out of a personal passion for travel, language and working internationally, developed over nearly a quarter century teaching, supporting placements, internship, language skills and internationalisation in hospitality, leisure, sport, tourism and events, and a decade working in the leisure industry. If you want to know more about my background, I encourage you to check out my LinkedIn profile.

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InternationalEyes is about people … and connections.

Leisure, tourism, hotels, resorts and events are clearly founded on hospitality – the genuine desire to deliver, to make someone welcome, and to make their day. Every single day. Sport is competitive and at the same time collaborative – it joins people together more than it sets people apart through their performance and identity.

Through InternationalEyes you’ll be accessing expertise in each of these fields, through networks of employers, education and other professionals. I’ll work hard to understand your needs, to help you gain the experience that puts you in control of your future. Your future is my mission

Learning is at the heart of the

InternationalEyes values

Listening is the start of every worthwhile conversation with every client or partner

Exchange is a mindset, not a transaction – and it’s the only way we move forward

Actively supporting you at every stage is an essential part of what we do

Results follow investment and we understand people are everyone’s best asset

Networking and a commitment to partnership are central to our philosophy


Thank you very much for absolutely everything that you have done for me this year. I am really grateful for every meeting and all the support that I have had from you. 

Maitane, Erasmus exchange student in Sport

From one who knows first hand, your hard work, dedication and commitment to your students has made all the difference. It is safe to say that your support, guidance and encouragement has enabled not just my own but many, many students the confidence to believe in themselves and strive to achieve their full potential, always.

Hannah, Events Management graduate

Thank you for all your help and advice with everything, and for helping me get to America!

Ebony , 2nd year Hospitality and Tourism student

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