Weather and the Camino Portugués De Santiago – Day 6

It had to happen. Day 6 brought more typical Galician weather, with an early mist soon developing into rain and building to a downpour.

The route roughly follows the ria then the river, and occasionally we saw or heard the boats taking pilgrims by water, as the body of Santiago had been carried many years ago.

We walked close to 18 miles in 6 hours, plus stops to grab a drink or wait out the heaviest of the rain. The early stages on the way to Padrón were scenic but the later ones, as we’d seen earlier in Vilagarcia, showed the vital industries in these parts. This was especially true in the approach to Pontecesures just a few kilometres before Padrón. Two hours following the railway in the rain didn’t help our spirits.

Walking across the bridge we came into Padron and then out the other side to Extramundi de Arriba. looking for our apartment, but not before a visit to the Church and sight of the original Padron – the rock that received the body of Santiago from the boat, and where it was transferred to take the last journey on to what’s now Santiago de Compostela.

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