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If you’re a student or recent graduate in hospitality, tourism, sport or events, or working in one of these Experience Industries, or perhaps looking to develop your foreign language skills, you’ll be sure to find something of value and interest here. It’s my intention to offer you both general and specific, personalised support as you internationalise yourself through International Eyes. Some is Europe-focused (including some Post-Brexit pointers), while other guidance relates to popular areas for work and study abroad like the United States.

The principal focus is the ‘Experience Industries’ of hospitality, tourism, events, sport and leisure, but the guidance, and much of the support, can be applied to many other spheres of life and business. If you’re an employer in one of these Experience Industry sectors, follow the links to ‘Experience Industry Employers‘ and see what International Eyes can offer you too.

Working or an internship in hospitality, leisure, sport, tourism or events is itself an experience – for you personally, and for the clients, guests and customers that rely on you to make their day. Every day offers a the chance of a new international or intercultural experience.

A career in one of the experience industries can be tremendously fulfilling, both professionally and personally, particularly when there’s a genuine international dimension.

International Eyes is here to help set you on the right path and support you along the way as you create your own international future. Come along with us.

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