English Language

As a Cambridge English qualified teacher to speakers of other languages, with a track record of supporting English language development in my students, you can depend on me to meet your English Language needs, whether you’re an individual or an enterprise. I can develop and deliver English Language learning to meet your own specific goals, whether on behalf of an organisation or for you as an individual.

If you’d like to see how I can help, then get in touch through the enquiries page by clicking on ‘Get in Touch’ below. As you’ll quickly learn, my starting point is always listening to you! Simply think about what you’d like to achieve with your English and let’s start the conversation.

Speaking & Presenting

Whether privately or professionally, we all want to be able to speak in a way that presents in a way we can be understood.

This might just mean help with the way we use English in everyday language, or you might want to talk about (or even present) things using the language of the workplace and the industry you’re working in.

Let me build a language learning experience for you, whatever your field, whatever your goals.

Reading & Interpreting

Reading for pleasure, reading a training manual, reading for business – they all rely on your ability to interpret what’s in front of you.

Interpreting meaning isn’t just about translation, it’s about making sense of the language… and English doesn’t always travel in straight lines !

Let me build your understanding and your ability to make sense through reading.

Writing for Accuracy

As we say in English ‘the devil’s in the detail’. Communicating accurately in writing is as important to us at home as much as it is at work, and everywhere in between.

This isn’t about creative writing, but how to make best use of what English has to offer so that you can make an impact. English is a language with many influences, many roots.

Let me build your mastery of English so that you can say what you want, with clarity and impact.

Let’s expand horizons together.

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