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Communication is at the very heart of your business. Whether it’s attracting new talent, talking to guests, clients and partners, or telling the world about your product and your philosophy, communication is key.

English Language Proof and Copy:

They say the proof is in the pudding. Where English is no the native langage for your company it’s easy for to make those little mistakes that send silent messages to audience about your attention to detail. Did you spot the four mistakes I included in the last short sentence? Did you understand the message in the first? Let your creative team do their magic and work with me to get the language right too!

English Language Tuition:

As a qualified, experienced teacher of English and subjects from tourism and hospitality to sport and events, I’m ideally placed to take your staff’s English to the next level. Help them engage with your guests and set the tone for your service. In-person or online, let’s discuss how I can help.

Attracting talent:

Looking for English-speaking international talent? Through my network of university and professional contacts across the UK and Europe, spread the word about your opportunities. Whether it’s simply getting your message out there or taking on your first stage interviews, I can be your navigator, your international eyes, ears and mouth to bring that talent to your door.

It’s a partnership approach, where we start with a conversation, exploring your language needs, how they can support and enhance your mission. Just give the word and you can capitalise on my international eye for detail in short term projects or long term collaborations.

” Whether it’s attracting new talent, talking to guests, clients and partners, or telling the world about your product and your philosophy, communication is key.”

John Humphreys, InternationalEyes Founder and ‘Navigator’

routes to success

English with InternationalEyes for detail.

Initial Consultation

Every partnerships starts with a conversation, and in my case this starts with listening to what you have to say and reading samples of your work. You’ll get advice and feedback to move you forward and confirmation of where and whether International Eyes can help.

At this point no payment is due and you may of course choose not to use my services. However, if there are ways I can help this is where you’ll discover the value of tailored support.

Reach out through the Enquiries page now and let’s start the conversation

English Language Tuition

Based on an initial consultation, I now work with you to identify development opportunities and English language support for the areas that impact your business.

Our focus may, for example, be on building front-office or front-of-house language skills; operations- or management-related Business English for your particular sector and your company’s tone of voice. Additional themes such as cultural awareness or rapport-building can be incorporated at your request.

Reach out through the Enquiries page to start spreading the word.

Proof and Copy

Where we’ve agreed areas which call for proof-reading or copy-writing support through InternationalEyes, my role is defined by your own needs.

We can negotiate short-term project work or longer-term collaborations to suit the scale, demands and deadlines of your business.

Reach out through my Enquiries page to turn over a new leaf.

Attracting Talent

If you’re looking to fill work experience, internship or permanent positions in your workforce, whatever the level, the International Eyes service switches to targeted communication.

It all depends on your ‘usual channels’ and how InternationalEyes can enhance your efforts to attract the right people at the right time.

Reach out through the Enquiries page to start opening doors.

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