Weather and the Camino Portugués De Santiago – Day 6

It had to happen. Day 6 brought more typical Galician weather, with an early mist soon developing into rain and building to a downpour. The route roughly follows the ria then the river, and occasionally we saw or heard the boats taking pilgrims by water, as the body of Santiago had been carried many yearsContinue reading “Weather and the Camino Portugués De Santiago – Day 6”

Contrasts of the Camino Portugués De Santiago – Days 2 & 3

Three days into the the Camino and we’re getting the hang of it… sort of… ish. Day 2 took us 13 miles from Redondela to the stunning city of Pontevedra, provincial centre and architectural masterpiece. It seems that each time you walk through an alley or down a as cobbled street it opens into aContinue reading “Contrasts of the Camino Portugués De Santiago – Days 2 & 3”

Colours of the Camino Portugués De Santiago : Day 1

So it starts. A hiccup or two but we’ve left Vigo in search of Santiago. The Way, ‘the Camino’ proper, was harder to find than expected, as was somewhere to find breakfast at 8am on a Spanish Sunday, but all this meant was more Galician help and hospitality. More colour to the Camino. The octopus,Continue reading “Colours of the Camino Portugués De Santiago : Day 1”

2021 Vision – Realisation

To Realise (Realize) /ˈri:əlaɪz/ to become aware of, or come to understand something to achieve something important to trade-in assets for a return on your investment Over the the past few weeks, the urge to spend time writing about what I’m doing has been overcome by the urge to just do it, as Nike famouslyContinue reading “2021 Vision – Realisation”

2021 Vision – Curiosity and the Open Door

Curious /ˈkjʊəri:əs/ inquisitive, wanting to know something … strange, unusual, different. Who doesn’t like an open door? An open door offers a glimpse of something different: maybe an entrance, an exit, maybe a diversion or distraction, but always something different. It can beguile, entrance… …or we can leave it closed and stay in the dark.Continue reading “2021 Vision – Curiosity and the Open Door”

2021 Vision – Change

plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, 1849 and a French proverb change /ʧeɪnʤ/ a transition from one state to another to become, or make something, different Small change The past few weeks, for me and those around me, have been all about change – some changes bigger than others, butContinue reading “2021 Vision – Change”

2021 Vision – Working Together

Collaborate /kəˈlæbəreɪt/ to work together in order to produce or achieve something [from Latin: con- (with) + laborare (to work) – collaborare, to work together] If there’s one thing this week has reinforced it’s the value of working together, collaboration, teamwork – in life and in learning. The Langley Drover in the picture , orContinue reading “2021 Vision – Working Together”

2021 Vision – Pets, Peace, Love and Learning

Peace /pi:s/ calm, serenity, quiet, rest Piece /pi:s/. a part of something; a fraction of the whole Pets are a personal and sometimes divisive subject. Are you a ‘cat lover’, ‘a dog person’, do you have any preference or none? Do you care? Do you care? I’ve sidestepped the term ‘owner’ because in my viewContinue reading “2021 Vision – Pets, Peace, Love and Learning”