The Paradox of the Unknown

For many of us the unknown is a source of anxiety but also of fascination. It’s the very uncertainty that drives the inquisitive or curious soul.Things that lie on the edge of familiarity or understanding can be left right where they are, but doesn’t that make for a life less interesting… or less lived? OnceContinue reading “The Paradox of the Unknown”


This has to be a prerequisite for success navigating and enjoying international intercultural experience and relations. Without curiosity and a genuine interest in other people and places then it’s all rather superficial. Curiosity, empathy, adaptability will all stem from being inquisitive, asking questions and observing. All this makes you ready for success in whatever arenaContinue reading “Inquisitiveness”

Setting your language learning goals

Every journey starts with a first step, and in this case your first step is working out why your traveling in the first place and recalling where you’ve been before. 1. What do you want your new language skills to allow you to do?… Order (or appreciate) food and drink and ask for the billContinue reading “Setting your language learning goals”

Tailored language learning

I have to take issue with any ‘ one-size-fits-all’ approach to learning a second (or subsequent) language. There’s clearly an important place for class-based teaching and learning, especially when it offers any form of peer support, but this is not the only way if you prefer to take a different route. There are three mainContinue reading “Tailored language learning”

Talking Language for the Experience Industries

Language is not just a medium, it’s a passion. This has been on a slow burn for a while but there’s never been a better time to encourage others with a like mind to take a dip in the sea of words foreign and fascinating, and so come out renewed. But why the Experience Industries?Continue reading “Talking Language for the Experience Industries”