Englishman Abroad: Play… An Internship is for Life, Not Just for Business

Don’t be fooled into thinking your time as an intern should be work-work-work. It’s true you’re here to learn, grow and develop but a big part of that is what you experience outside of work. Play time is important too. For me the choice of where I’d do the internship was as much about theContinue reading “Englishman Abroad: Play… An Internship is for Life, Not Just for Business”

Englishman Abroad: The Different Faces of Productivity

A whirlwind of a week. When you watch the weather forecast in a place like Tenerife it tends to be pretty similar most of the time, but there’s value in keeping an eye on what’s coming.  You never quite know but it’s good to be prepared. Planning for this week was no less important. WeContinue reading “Englishman Abroad: The Different Faces of Productivity”

Englishman Abroad: Progress!

Where HAS this week gone? All of a sudden, only three weeks in, and it really feels like I’m genuinely part of the team. Suggestions considered, appreciated and at times put to use – or at least explained why it’s not the best idea. Likewise I’m actually contributing usefully to a wider range of operationsContinue reading “Englishman Abroad: Progress!”

Englishman Abroad: Problems, Challenges, Opportunities

So, a third of the way through the internship it makes sense to look at what some might call ‘problems’ so far. Apart from those relating to work, I’d say you can classify these as to do with Living, Logistics, Leisure, and Language. Yes you’ll notice I like aLLiteration. Sorry… Live with it! In termsContinue reading “Englishman Abroad: Problems, Challenges, Opportunities”

Englishman Abroad: A Peep at People (or a focus on folk)

It seems to me that it’s people that make the experience. That’s what genuine hospitality is about after all – a welcome, not a greeting, a table at a restaurant, and not a hotel room. It’s the people. Those you meet, those you take along with you, those you listen (or read) when you tellContinue reading “Englishman Abroad: A Peep at People (or a focus on folk)”

Englishman Abroad: In Place and Starting Tomorrow

Slightly surreal… the only way to describe it, being here but not on holiday. Wasn’t an auspicious start either, with a three hour delay leaving the UK and the taxi driver struggling to find my accommodation in the near midnight darkness when I finally arrived. But I’m here. First bit of advice: when your suitcaseContinue reading “Englishman Abroad: In Place and Starting Tomorrow”

Englishman Abroad: Packing up and Ready to Go?

Are you kidding?  Only a week to go, ticket booked (one-way!) and accommodation sorted so I’m committed.  Must sort out… insurance (essential); clothes and ‘stuff’ still to be packed, suitcase to be weighed, and the excess to be unpacked and left at home.  How light can I travel, really, for an extended stay? Guess I’llContinue reading “Englishman Abroad: Packing up and Ready to Go?”

An Englishman Abroad … and the oldest intern in town?

Well, I’m heading off to experience being an intern abroad, Tenerife to be specific, so what better way to learn from this, and share the experience, than to commit to posting a regular blog. I’m sure there’ll be something in it for prospective interns (of any age) as well as for me, as I reflectContinue reading “An Englishman Abroad … and the oldest intern in town?”

Why studying hospitality and tourism is one of the best routes to a satisfying international career.

Some degree courses get way more than their fair share of bad press, and those in hospitality and tourism in the UK are right up there at times. But let’s set a few things straight … Why do a degree to be a waitress or work in housekeeping? Well ok, you can serve at tablesContinue reading “Why studying hospitality and tourism is one of the best routes to a satisfying international career.”

Choosing an Internationalised University Experience

Choosing where to study for a genuinely international experience can be a minefield. Here we offer tips about things to look for and questions to ask, as well as places to look for evidence of true internationalisation to help shortlist your university choices. Many universities realise that internationalisation is the way forward. Unfortunately this isn’tContinue reading “Choosing an Internationalised University Experience”