2021 Vision – Opportunity and Inspiration

Opportunity /ɒpəˈtju:nəti:/

when a particular situation makes it possible for you to do or achieve somethingwhen the time is right to do something

Well the first week is coming to a close and it seems a good decision all-round to collect my 365 milestones into 52ish entries – the world isn’t ready for a daily diatribe from me. So a weekly summary it is, aiming for a new post every weekend.

Inspiration in the open air

Quietly proud of pushing myself out of the door and onto my bike in 0 degrees C on day 2 of this milestone marathon. It may only have been an 11-miler but getting out of shape in ‘lockdown’ was too easy, especially with Christmas excess hard on its heels. A definite feeling of satisfaction, alongside that painful warming feeling as my toes come out of their brief hibernation, after three quarters of an hour on the road. Keeping up the momentum, and taking every opportunity to be more active, will take some willpower in these dark damp days but living on the edge of the Cotswolds helps.

Still working on the InternationalEyes website, with an end in sight for my Spanish for the Experience Industries content. A page a day seems a fair target and that’s what I’ve managed this past few days, on reflexive verbs and travelling around. Feels good to make use of the down time while my students finish their Christmas and new year holidays.

And as regards my students, I’ve now sorted out the regular timetable, published my availability on Preply.com alongside work for the ‘Fast and Easy’ language school in Moscow. A task tailor-made for a wet Sunday if ever there was one. I’ve been looking forward to teaching starting again, and hopefully to meeting some new English language clients, so a request for more classes this week was more than welcome. Also nice to have received a few emailed updates from past students on where they are now, and thanking me for the help and advice. Kind of makes the hard work, personalising what I do, that bit more rewarding.

National lockdown started again this week, but despite a ‘new tier’ the weekly routine is shaping up again nicely, largely unaffected. Started to focus on the calories in-and-out balance now that my days are going back to plenty of time in the office-chair on admin, planning or delivering lessons. Giving the Yazio app a try and it’s certainly made me more aware of what I’m eating and drinking. Surely this alongside more exercise and a ‘dry January’ will help me return to the-me-I-want-to-be!

More opportunities arising out of the blue – always a pleasant surprise. It’s good to be asked back to my university to teach, both from a satisfaction and business perspective. As well as providing me with some guaranteed work over the next few months, I’m looking forward to guiding some students on their path towards a business degree. Engaging with a group in the early stages of course and career is one of the more satisfying parts of the job.

So the first week of 2021 comes to an end and it’s remarkable what a little opportunity and inspiration, in however small a measure, can do for the soul.

Bring it on!

Published by John Humphreys

Education and leisure industry professional with over 30 years' experience and a focus on delivering international experiences and employability development.

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