2021 Vision – Writing Not Writing

It’s the last week of February, when I’d intended to write more of my planned book on International Intercultural Intelligence. I’ve found, though, that this has been the busiest week of the year so far, with teaching, mentoring and yet more administration as per last week’s post. And as ever the client comes first.

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So, this is the first chance I’ve had to draft the latest blog entry, and I’m going to combine two weeks’ posts into one. The theme of Writing stands because much of my teaching this week has revolved, ironically, about helping others to enhance their own English writing skills. And I’ve managed, with help from my friends at EN3S, to finish and submit an article on the importance of networks in International Education well before the March deadline. … which just goes to show how valuable collaboration is in everything we do.

One of the reasons for this deviation from the ‘writing plan’ is a new, very dynamic and ambitious student based in Spain. Working in digital marketing, and in a very international marketplace, choosing and using the right language is of fundamental importance. It’s always as pleasure to work closely with a student on their own projects, whether it’s communication with clients and colleagues, writing business reports, or working towards a new job or career change. And right now I have several students focusing on a wide variety of writing projects. One-to-one, personalised support is perhaps the most satisfying work I do.

Writing like this with others makes you think about your own writing too. I’ve found this with everything I teach, I’ve generally become better at the practice myself when helping others develop their own skills. Ultimately it comes down to reflection – something we don’t often give ourselves time to do. Reflection on ideas, perspectives and plans. The only thing we can predict with any certainty, as the saying goes, is change.

In the first week of March the government finally released a little more detail on the Turing Scheme for international mobility to study or work abroad. This has meant another setback to the book, but an important opportunity to update clients and contacts on what the future holds. See the article on professional network LinkedIn. And beyond mobility for students and broad-minded professionals, my other passion for intercultural intelligence is encouraged by an upcoming webinar on the subject. I’m sure this will prove another opportunity to reflect on where I’m taking my writing on the subject and, frankly, without open-mindedness and research, where would my writing be?

So, the activity of writing may be put off for another week, but I’m relishing the chance to again expand my own horizons, as I work to do the same for others.

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Education and leisure industry professional with over 30 years' experience and a focus on delivering international experiences and employability development.

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