2021 Vision – The Old and the New

Progress – /ˈprəʊgres/

the process of improving or developing, or of getting nearer to achieving or completing something

Well it’s the Good Friday holiday here in the UK at the end of another busy week, and there’s no rest for the wicked. Sitting in the InternationalEyes office with the sun shining outside, I admit there are times when I’d swap the new Zoom for the old. But this week has brought a return of old contacts and past students, along with new ones, and both are always welcome.

It’s good to know people come back, trusting that I can deliver, whether it’s established professionals in education or industry, language students or aspiring graduates. Lasting relationships are really important to me, and at their heart lies a recognition that hospitality isn’t just a business, but a state of mind. Whatever business you’re in, it’s hospitality, that ‘friendly and generous behaviour towards guests’ alongside a healthy dose of trust and respect, that keeps people returning. So progress is, in my view, an equal measure of what you do and how you do it. Neither stands alone.

As a result this week’s introductions and reintroductions, the old and the new, represent another step towards the progress I set out to achieve for myself, for others, and most importantly with others. Its a marathon, however it’s packaged, and definitely not a sprint.

Published by John Humphreys

Education and leisure industry professional with over 30 years' experience and a focus on delivering international experiences and employability development.

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