2021 Vision – Moving On

Moving /ˈmu:vɪŋ/

motion, changing from one place to another ;

causing deep feelings or emotion

Photo by Josh Hild on Pexels.com

When a student, client, or colleague moves on it can be a cause of mixed emotions. Hopefully, as with this week in particular, it comes as a result of progress – forward motion on their part. In these cases it’s often with excitement for them or satisfaction in having helped them move another step toward their goals. Many of the English language students I work with are either established or aspiring professionals, and want to use their language skills to help them either to do a better job or to open up new opportunities. So it’s no surprise that I can get caught up in their stories.

Firstly, there’s the student who’s been with me for six months or so, making time in her busy schedule, as marketing exec and mother, to work on English conversation and confidence. Studying with her each week has become a regular fixture, discussing work and leisure, family trials and triumphs, subjects that are planned or just pop into the conversation. But doing so has served its purpose. It’s time to move on and put those skills to use, practising in the world of global commerce. Its exciting to see such progress and growth, but tinged with that mix of pride and sadness a parent feels when a child grows and leaves home.

And then there’s the student who’s moved into a new role in a new country, where developing English skills and understanding with me has helped him realise an important milestone in life and career. The story here continues. It’s seldom straightforward uprooting to a new city, never mind one with new language and cultural challenges. After a break to relocate, I’m delighted he’s returned to carry on sharing stories and working together – working to make the most of this new adventure.

These moving moments of truth are important to recognise and reflect on alongside other ongoing or sporadic relationships: efforts to to develop interview skills and speaking with confidence; reflecting on experiences of applications, interviews, rejections and offers of work ; working to enhance already high standards of professional and academic expertise in a new language. Students come, go, and come back again – all moving experiences. Each one a personal story, shared and spoken.

So this week’s been one of emotion in motion. Let that motion continue.

Keep moving and being moved.

It keeps us human.

Published by John Humphreys

Education and leisure industry professional with over 30 years' experience and a focus on delivering international experiences and employability development.

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