Learning Romance: getting to first base

Well it’s nearly February, and today is, in fact, ‘Brexit Day’ so I may be feeling a little preoccupied, even isolated, but I’ve realised how far I am from first base in the language of Romance – Italian and Romanian, that is, in case you’ve not been following! This I think is going to beContinue reading “Learning Romance: getting to first base”

Learning Romance: word swapping and false friends

Well I didn’t think this was going to be easy, but who’d think language learning could be competitive? I find I’m being motivated by promotion to the next ‘league’ in DuoLingo almost as much as the motivation to get better at the language. Having two languages to play helps in this regard but there’s alsoContinue reading “Learning Romance: word swapping and false friends”

Learning Romance: getting personal with pronouns

So, it’s already looking and sounding complex but then I am starting out with the Duolingo app alongside phrase book and dictionaries, trying to follow Romanian and Italian in parallel. Serves me right, you might say… The personal pronouns: I, you, he/she, etc, already show similarities with the other Romance languages, Italian included, but notContinue reading “Learning Romance: getting personal with pronouns”

Learning Romance: Starting Out

Romance isn’t what it used to be. And to be fair this blog maybe isn’t what it seems to be either. For those expecting lessons in love, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. I’ve decided to try and learn Romanian from scratch and this’ll be where you’ll find my observations and reflections. And just to makeContinue reading “Learning Romance: Starting Out”

Englishman Abroad: Post Script – Different Horizons

I’m sure I’m going to get run over soon: I just keep looking left before I leap into the road. And it’s cold! Sunny and cold, but cold all the same. It’s all relative. On the way to the airport, I kept thinking I’m going to miss that view, the mountains and the sea soContinue reading “Englishman Abroad: Post Script – Different Horizons”

Englishman Abroad: Paying for Things

It may come as a surprise to you, but everything comes at a price. A bit of careful planning can save a lot of pain, or at least inconvenience, at some point later, and make your stay a more pleasant one. So firstly cash and cards. A friendly tour operator recommended a Revolut card whichContinue reading “Englishman Abroad: Paying for Things”

Englishman Abroad: Play… An Internship is for Life, Not Just for Business

Don’t be fooled into thinking your time as an intern should be work-work-work. It’s true you’re here to learn, grow and develop but a big part of that is what you experience outside of work. Play time is important too. For me the choice of where I’d do the internship was as much about theContinue reading “Englishman Abroad: Play… An Internship is for Life, Not Just for Business”

Englishman Abroad: The Different Faces of Productivity

A whirlwind of a week. When you watch the weather forecast in a place like Tenerife it tends to be pretty similar most of the time, but there’s value in keeping an eye on what’s coming.  You never quite know but it’s good to be prepared. Planning for this week was no less important. WeContinue reading “Englishman Abroad: The Different Faces of Productivity”

Englishman Abroad: Progress!

Where HAS this week gone? All of a sudden, only three weeks in, and it really feels like I’m genuinely part of the team. Suggestions considered, appreciated and at times put to use – or at least explained why it’s not the best idea. Likewise I’m actually contributing usefully to a wider range of operationsContinue reading “Englishman Abroad: Progress!”