2021 Vision – Inspiration

Inspiration /ˌɪnspəˈreɪʃn/ The act of breathing in; a positive force for creativity or motivation; a person or thing that makes you want to be better; a sudden good idea Well the weekend was, as usual, a breath of fresh air, with a 20 mile cycle and a 5 mile walk, both taking advantage of lifeContinue reading “2021 Vision – Inspiration”

2021 Vision – Intelligent Life

Intelligence : /ɪnˈtelɪʤəns/ the ability to learn, understand and think in a logical way about things; the ability to do this well. resources range from declassified publications and reports to basic references, intelligence studies, and world maps. (Central Intelligence Agency) Intelligence is all around us, whether in the people we come into contact with, andContinue reading “2021 Vision – Intelligent Life”

2021 Vision – Writing Not Writing

It’s the last week of February, when I’d intended to write more of my planned book on International Intercultural Intelligence. I’ve found, though, that this has been the busiest week of the year so far, with teaching, mentoring and yet more administration as per last week’s post. And as ever the client comes first. So,Continue reading “2021 Vision – Writing Not Writing”

2021 Vision – ‘Admin.’

/ədˌmɪnɪˈstreɪʃn/ (informal: /ˈædmɪn/) activities done in order to plan, organise and run a business, school or other institution; the process or act of organising the way something is done ; In contrast to last week’s creative focus on writing, a fair amount of time this week has been taken up by that powerful two-syllable wordContinue reading “2021 Vision – ‘Admin.’”

2021 Vision – The Write Stuff

This week’s InternationalEyes focus has been on writing for various purposes, sharing experience, information and opinion amongst the international education community. At the weekend, I discovered that the UK government’s Turing Scheme for international student mobility had just been launched. Having previously posted an article on LinkedIn about the Erasmus+ programme and commenting on theContinue reading “2021 Vision – The Write Stuff”

2021 Vision – Extra Curricular

Some weeks the focus of your achievement has to come back to mind and body, even if not exclusively, as I alluded to in my first 2021 Vision post back in January. Now February has arrived and I find I’ve lost around 4 kilos in as many weeks, I’m regularly taking 10,000+ steps a day,Continue reading “2021 Vision – Extra Curricular”

2021 Vision – Reflection / Two Sides

‘Reflection’ …/rɪˈflekʃn/ . An image in a mirror or on a shiny surface ; the process of sending back energy; an indication of something’s true nature; careful thought about something; an account or description; written or spoken thoughts on a subject. For an audio version of this post see the podcast here at Anchor.fm TheContinue reading “2021 Vision – Reflection / Two Sides”

2021 Vision – Meeting

Meeting /ˈmi:tɪŋ/ when people come together to discuss or decide something ; when two or more people meet together by chance or arrangement an encounter This week seems to be all about meetings : preparing for them, having them, acting on them and knowing how to behave when they happen. Spent some of the weekendContinue reading “2021 Vision – Meeting”

2021 Vision – Lines of Communication

Communicate /kəˈmju:nɪkeɪt/ to exchange news ideas, information ; to make your thoughts known ; to connect It’s week 2 and opening, or re-opening, lines of communication as well as getting organised after a break can be a bit of a thought. But ‘out with the old, in with the new’. So new plans are onContinue reading “2021 Vision – Lines of Communication”

2021 Vision – Opportunity and Inspiration

Opportunity /ɒpəˈtju:nəti:/ when a particular situation makes it possible for you to do or achieve something – when the time is right to do something Well the first week is coming to a close and it seems a good decision all-round to collect my 365 milestones into 52ish entries – the world isn’t ready forContinue reading “2021 Vision – Opportunity and Inspiration”